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RUN 2021

Closing Date: 30 September 2021
Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +8)
Time / Venue: Anytime / Anywhere
Category: 56km, 64km & 76km
Singapore Price: SGD$20/-
Malaysia Price: MYR$55/-


It’s the birthday month in August for three close neighbouring nations, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia when they rallied hard to gain full independence for their beloved homelands.  This year will see Singapore’s 56th birthday on 9 August, Indonesia’s 76th on 17 August and Malaysia’s 64th on 31 August.  


TRI-Nation Virtual Run participants can choose to complete one run covering 5.6KM, 6.4KM or 7.6KM distance during the month of August.  For those who are into ultramarathon runs, you can do 56KM, 64KM or 76KM.  Just select one distance to start your run in August and dedicate it to your chosen nation.  This virtual run is opened to any national who resides in Singapore and Malaysia. 


TRI-Nation’s theme for this year is ‘Three Nations, One Goal’ in our concerted fight to contain the raging pandemic.  It is a long battle but we will prevail in the end.                             


This year’s finisher medal features some of the iconic landmarks of the three countries which depicts the progress and close collaboration over the decades.  The event tee is an add-on which has the animal representation of each nation and the chosen theme to complete the collection.     

Whether it’s Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore), Negaraku (My Motherland) or Dirgahayu RI (Long Live Indonesia), we are ONE united people.  Come what may, let’s root for peace, progress and a better tomorrow. 


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for you

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  • One Singapore.Malaysia.Indonesia Tri-Nation medal

  • Limited Edition Tri-Nation tee (worth S$39.90)

  • E-Certificate  

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-07 at


  1. Participants should receive the entitlement by end of September 2021 if they have submitted all run data before 31 August 2021 before 2359 hours.

  2. The onus is on each participant to provide correct mailing address and the organizer cannot be held liable for non-delivery of the race items due to the oversight.  A reminder to check your mailing address before submitting your entry.

  3. Delivery:

    1. Singapore:

      1. Self collection is FREE. You will be notified on the schedule to collect your entitlement once they are ready. Alternatively, you can choose for a postage delivery to your registered address at SGD$2 per delivery.

    2. Malaysia

      1. Courier fee is MYR$5 for West Malaysia address and MYR$10 for East Malaysia address. 

  4. There will be no refund after registration has been confirmed.

  5. The registration rate excludes 6% of payment gateway and processing fee.


This is a Virtual Race which means you can choose any venue to start your run. You need to have a GPS-tracking running app and if you don’t have one, please download your preferred app. 

You need to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Go to our website and register

  2. Choose your preferred GPS-tracking running app to track your run

  3. Track your route and ensure you have completed the run

  4. Submit it on your given profile

  5. Verification will be handed at our backend


Q1. Do I have to run in three different distances?

A:   No, you just need to choose to run in one distance, be it 5.6KM, 6.4KM or 7.6KM.  Of course, the ultramarathoners can also go for 56KM, 64KM or 76KM.  

Q2. How do I clock my run and where do I submit the results?

A:   You can use any GPS device to clock your run and when you have completed, you can then submit your result to the link provided at the time of your sign up.

Q3. If I am not the national of Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, can I still participate?

A:   This virtual run is opened to all nationals who live in Singapore and Malaysia.  For those residing in Malaysia, please click on our Malaysia link to sign up.              


Q4. Is there a specified venue that I should run?

A:   No, there is no specified venue.  This is a virtual run and you can choose a safe venue for your run.    


Q5. How do I receive my race entitlement upon completion?

A:   There are two ways to receive your race entitlement.  You can choose self-collection or normal mailing to your home address given at the time of your sign up.  There is a fee to be levied for local postage.  This applies to residents in Singapore only.  For residents in West Malaysia, the race entitlements will be delivered to your doorstep. For East Malaysia, there's a MYR$5 fee for delivery.


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