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To celebrate our Singapore 58th Birthday on 9 August 2023, we are giving out COMPLIMENTARY entry to this event for the first 200 sign up.


This Nation Walk is a fun-filled and engaging event for people of all ages. Share and invite your families, friends and colleagues to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle while celebrating the nation's birthday! 

Botanical Garden

SG58 Nation walk


Date: 5 to 9 August 2023

Venue: Anywhere

Time: Anytime

First 200 Sign Up: (FULLY REDEEMED)

Early Bird: $3 (FULLY REDEEMED)

Special Requested Rate:

$5 (till 15 Jul 2023)

Normal Rate:

$8 (till 31 Jul 2023) 

* Complete your walk with Ridenjoy app to get a chance to win lucky draw prizes.

Email will be sent once the mobile app is ready for download.

SG58 Nation Walk is an annual event to celebrate Singapore's independence and showcase the country's progress and achievements.  The walk will be a fun-filled and engaging event for people of all ages, encouraging them to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle while celebrating the nation's birthday.

For this edition of SG58 Nation Walk, participants can choose to complete the 5KM walk virtually and upload the completion screenshot. Alternatively, participants can download and use the RIDEnjoy mobile app to complete the walk and get a chance to win the lucky draw prizes. Stay tuned for details and promotions on the RIDEnjoy mobile app.

SG58 Nation Walk promises to be a fun and memorable event for all who participate. It provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate Singapore's independence, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and engage in a healthy and active lifestyle.  Participants are encouraged to dress up in red or white, the national colors of Singapore, during their walk. Upon completion of the walk, participants get to earn a limited edition SG58 Nation Walk medallion.  


All said, SG58 Nation Walk aims to get true-blue Singaporeans regardless of age or gender to come together and dedicate this meaningful walk to Singapore on her 58th birthday.  Other nationals residing in Singapore are also welcome to join in too.

SG58 Medal front.png

Medallion (Front)

SG58 Medal back.png

Medallion (Back)


  • SG58 Limited Edition Medallion

  • E-Certificate

Add-On Purchase

  • SG58 Red Celebratory Tee (Add On Purchase @ S$12.90)

    • Perfect for school celebration or keep it simple design​

  • SG58 Special Edition Red Celebratory Tee (Add On Purchase @ S$15.90)

  • Featherlight Jacket (Add On Purchase @ S$59.90)

  • Medallion Holder - for 2 Medallions (Add On Purchase @ $15.90)

  • Bundle Deal: 10% discount applies when a minimum of S$18.90 worth of merchandise is selected


SG58 - shirt -01.png
SG58 - shirt -01.png

Red Celebratory Tee

S$12.90 (U.P. S$15.90)

(Add-On Purchase)

Perfect for school celebration or keep it simple design​

SG58 - shirt -02.png
SG58 - shirt -02.png

Special Edition Red Tee

S$15.90 (U.P. S$19.90)
(Add-On Purchase)

White Sand and Stone


  1. For Virtual Walk:

    • Participant needs to choose a route in Singapore using their preferred GPS app.

    • When walk is done, simply save the data.

    • Submit the walk data by 11 Aug 2023.

  2. For Walk with the RIDEnjoy mobile app:

    • ​Download the mobile app from 

    • Select SG58 Nation Walk to start your walk.

    • Follow the route and complete all the checkpoints to get a chance to win in the lucky draw.

    • No submission of walk data is required. Your record will be updated automatically once you have completed the walk.

  3. ​​For registration by 30 Jun 2023, your entitlement will be delivered by 31 Jul 2023. For registration from 1 Jul 2023, the delivery will be delivered not later than 31 Aug 2023.

  4. To minimise physical congregation, race entitlements will be mailed to registered addresses provided at the time of sign up at a fee of $3.  Door-to-door delivery is confined within Singapore only. 

  5. For the complimentary sign up (without any purchase), the medallion will be mailed to you via normal postage.

  6. There will be no refund after registration has been confirmed.

  7. The registration rate excludes 6% of payment gateway and processing fee.


​* To reduce wastage and support sustainability initiatives, please note that the entitlements are only sent for production after the end of the event (at the end of that particular month). 

SG57 medallion holder no flag v1-01.png

Medallion Holder

S$15.90 (U.P. S$19.90)

(Add-On Purchase)

- For 2 Medallions (not inclusive of the medallions)

SG58 - shirt -03.png
SG58 - shirt -03.png

Featherlight Jacket

S$59.90 (U.P. S$79.90)

(Add-On Purchase)

Deep Red Paint


1. How many categories are there in this SG58 Nation Walk event?

A: Only one category, which is the 5KM Nation Walk.  It is not time-based and the whole intent is to enjoy the walk with family and friends.  You need to record your walk on your GPS device and submit the result to the link provided for our verification.  If you are walking with your family, submit one result will do. For participants who use the RIDEnjoy mobile app, no submission is required as it will be updated automatically after your walk.      

2. For the Nation Walk, is it mandatory to do walk outside?

A: We fully understand some are still not comfortable doing outdoor activities or may not be able to do so due to the environmental condition and therefore, some can choose to do the walk indoor which is perfectly fine.  Just take a screenshot of your result on the treadmill and submit to the link provided as proof of completion.    


3. For the Nation Walk, how many times do I need to walk?  

A: Yes, you need to do just one walk and the duration to complete the 5KM walk is from 5 to 9 Aug 2023.  You can choose any venue in Singapore for the virtual walk.     

4. How do I receive my race entitlement?

A: In view of the current situation, only courier service will be available.


5. What is in the race entitlement?

A: The race entitlement include a SG58 Nation Walk medallion and e-Certificate.  The red celebratory event tee is an add-on at S$12.90, the Medallion holder add-on at $15.90, special edition red  tee add-on at $15.90 and featherlight jacket add-on at S$59.90, if you wish to have one.


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