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Celebrating the Journey

A Heritage Trail 

In view of tightened Covid-19 measures being put in place, we regret to inform all that the intended heritage walk which was supposed to take place on 29 May to 6 June has been moved to 3 to 12 September. If you need further clarification, please email to

Closing Date: 18 April 2021

Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +8)

Commencement Walk Period:
From 29 May to 6 June 2021
Category: 5km Heritage Walk

Registration Closed!

*Team should comprise of at least two persons and additional person or persons as add-on

**Child is aged 12-year old and below

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‘Celebrating The Journey’ indeed!  This heritage walk holds significant meaning this year for it commemorates Chinese Kindergarten’s centennial.  The entire route is less than 5KM and is located in the vicinity of two Singapore’s historic districts - Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Pagar, which witnessed the inception of Chinese Kindergarten to its present. 


The walk requires our participants to have an inquisitive mind like Sherlock Holmes and in a fun way of course; and work together as a team to trace back the early development of Singapore in Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Pagar.  Akin to the popular TV reality show, ‘Amazing Race’, they will have to look for the checkpoints and take nice wefies as they explore.  Clues will be given in the form of scan codes at the starting-point and mid-points.  The route will comprise of two parts - a shorter one for families with very young children and a slightly longer one for families with older children who feel they still have the ‘grit & determination’ to carry on to the end.  


This is not a time-based challenge and there are no prizes awarded to the fastest teams. Participants are advised to enjoy the time of great family bonding as they work together to solve the puzzles at a leisurely pace. At the end of the walk, our participants would have gained valuable insights of some old buildings and places that played a vital part in the early development of Singapore and Chinese Kindergarten.  A reminder – if non-family members plan on walking together, it is important to keep to a maximum of 8 persons in a group and observe safe distancing. Your safety is our priority. 


Unique Event Tee 

Finisher Medal 


Nice Goodie Bag


Bottle of Mineral Water

1 x Sachet Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion

1 x Sachet Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion

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*Subject to change.​

CK2021 Medal revised-01.png

As sign up comes in a pair, there are two sets of finisher medals in the form of a heart. When the two hearts are joined, it signifies close family bonding.



1. When and where do we start the heritage walk?

The walk will start at Chinese Kindergarten.  Choose a date within the stipulated period for the walk.  When you and your family are ready, just scan on the scan code which is self-explanatory to get started.  It is IMPORTANT to note that the group size should always be kept to a maximum of 8 persons and safe distancing is to be observed during the walk.   


2. Is there a stipulated time frame to finish the walk?

This is not a time-based event. You can take your time to find your given objectives along the way. Completion is key. The distance of the walk is less than 5KM and with some explorations needed, you should be able to complete it between 3 to 5 hours.  To prove that you have found your objective, you are required to take wefie shots and submit to the link provided at the time of your registration.  There is no need to submit a wefie shot each time you reach a checkpoint. You can do so after you have completed the walk.  Remember to walk on paths throughout and obey traffic rules for your safety.


3. What if we cannot finish the walk in one day?

There is no pressure to complete the walk in one day. You can choose another day to complete the rest of the journey.  It is important for you and your family members to enjoy the whole process.


4. Do we know beforehand where to go?

No, the mystery is in the scan code which you and your family members need to ‘decode’.  It is not rocket science to find the answers which can be searched using your smartphone.

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