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1 to 30 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Qualifying: 1 to 30 Sep 2022
Closing Date: 15 Sep 2022

Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +7)
Time | Venue: Anytime | Anywhere
Category: 5km (Minimum)
Ticket: S$18 (for 2 pax) - after 10% off
Limited: 200 couples only


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Love is in the air!  14th February is internationally known as Valentine’s Day where roses are the most sought-after commodity.  Did you know the mid-autumn festival which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (10th September) where the moon shines at its brightest and fullest is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day too?  The difference is mooncakes are the most sought-after commodity in mid-autumn festival.  Well, if you have missed out 14th February to do something special as a couple, this presents another opportunity to cement your love for each other with a lovey-dovey run together.  


By the way, this ‘Couple Run’ is not just about two persons who are crazily in love with each other, our terminology on ‘couples’ go beyond that which can comprise of two besties, brother/sister or parent/child.  Love can come in many forms.  Since this is ‘Couple Run, sign up has to come in a pair and on completion, earn a pair of our specially designed ‘Couple Run’ medals.    


This is a virtual run and minimum distance is 5KM to be completed as a pair.  Choose any safe route, set up your run gadget which can capture your distance and on completion, take a screen shot for submission to the link provided.  Timing is not a pre-requisite as long as the minimum distance is completed.  Your run can commence anytime from 1st to 30th September and one submission is good.  


Standalone, it is one medal but placed together it is a heart-to-heart (心连心) medal.    

To love abundantly is to live abundantly and to love forever is to live forever – Henry Drummond

Mid-Autumn Edition

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  • 2 Quantity of Uniquely designed medal where it can be combined together

  • E-Certificate (with the couple/friend names)

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Medal Front

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Medal Back

CR22 Certificate - mid autumn.jpg

e-Certificate with the couple/friend name

* Subject to change

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  1. Participants should receive the entitlement not later than 15 October 2022.

  2. The onus is on each participant to provide correct mailing address and the organizer cannot be held liable for non-delivery of the race items due to participant's oversight. A reminder to check your mailing address before submitting your entry.

  3. In view of the current covid-19 situation, only local postage delivery is available to your registered address at S$1.50 per delivery. Applicable for Singapore delivery address only.

  4. There will be no refund after booking has been confirmed.

  5. The registration rate excludes 6% of payment gateway and processing fee.

  6. For booking enquiries outside of Singapore, please send a mail to

  7. To reduce wastage and support sustainability initiatives, please note that the entitlements are only sent for production after the end of the registration (15 September 2022). Your entitlement will be sent to you via local postage delivery once they are ready.

  8. All prices are in Singapore Dollar (SGD$).

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Q1.    Can I sign up and run alone?

A:    We are afraid to inform that this being a ‘Couple Run’, it has to be a pair.  Couple does not need to be husband & wife or steady boyfriend/girlfriend, you can pair off with your best friend, sibling or parent.

Q2.    How do we submit our results?

A:    This is a virtual run which requires you to set up your GPS device to capture your run distance and on completion, submit to the link provided to you.  We just need a screenshot which can capture your minimum run distance of 5KM and one result is needed for the two of you. 

Q3.    How do we receive your race entitlement?

A:    Your race entitlement comprising of a pair of Couple Run medals will be mailed to you based on the address provided at time of your sign up.  Your race entitlement will be mailed out not later than 15 October 2022.

Q4.    Can we run longer than 5KM?

A:    Yes, of course you can run longer than the minimum stipulated 5KM distance as long as it is done as a pair.

Q5. Do I get one medal or two medals once I have completed my run?

A: The sign up is based on two persons and two medals will be issued. The medals are designed to match nicely into a full design and yet can be kept separately.  Everything come in a pair. 

Q6. Is this a must that we have to run together in order to qualify?

A: Though we believe it is good bonding for two persons to run together being a Couple Run but we understand sometimes certain circumstances may not permit two persons to run at the same time.  Thus, it is definitely perfectly alright that two persons run separately.

Q7. Is it mandatory to do run outdoor?

A: No, it is not mandatory to run outdoor as we fully understand the current situation and safety is paramount.  Our participants can choose to do the run either indoor or outdoor.  Just take a screenshot of your run result on the treadmill if you choose to run indoor and submit to the link provided.  

Q8. Is this virtual run opened to foreigners too?  

A:   This virtual run is opened to all nationalities who live in Singapore with a Singapore registered address for ease of local postage delivery arrangement.   


Q9. Is there a specified venue that I should run?

A:   No, there is no specified run venue.  This is a virtual run and you can choose a safe and conducive venue for your run.  Safety is always number one priority.       


Q10. How do I receive my race entitlement upon completion?

A:   In view of the COVID-19 situation, we have included normal postage (within Singapore) at S$1.50 for the delivery of your race entitlement to the main registered address in Singapore provided at the time of your sign up.

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