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Closing Date: 31 July 2020

Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +8)

Time / Venue: Anytime / Anywhere

Category: 5.5km, 6.3km & 7.5km

* Price: S$20/-


This virtual run is to commemorate nationhood celebration of the three close Southeast Asia neighbours.  Come every August, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia will spare no effort in rolling out grandeur celebrations.  This year, Singapore will first kick off her 55th National Day Celebration on 9 August followed by Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day on 17 August and last but not the least, Malaysia’s 63rd Merdeka Day on 31 August.


It is unfortunate COVID-19 has greatly disrupted our lives and we are likely to witness scaled-down annual parades this year or none at all.  Come what may, nothing should deter us from pledging our loves for our countries.  While we can’t gather together and run as one big group but we can run at our own time, own pace and preferred venue – the virtual way, that is.  Do remember to stay away from crowd and run solo for your safety is important.      


Earn three unique run medals with each one comes in the form of a national animal symbol of the country.  LION for Singapore, HARIMAU for Malaysia and GARUDA for Indonesia.  You need to run on three different occasions and when done, send the three run data in one submission to us.


There are three different distances to complete, (1) 5.5 km for Singapore 55th National Day, (2) 6.3 km for Malaysia’s 63rd Merdeka Day and (3) 7.5 km For Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day.  All these distances are in sync to the years of independence of the three nations.  You don’t have to complete the whole distance in one run.  You can do few runs to add up to the total distance of each country.   While completion time counts nothing, completing each run distance is.  Everyone is a big winner once he or she has completed the three runs.  Take this downtime to fuel your run passion and dedicate it to the three ASEAN nations.  When the three medals are put together, it signifies “Peace, Prosperity & Progress”.


In addition, Compressport sport towel worth S$12.90 will be given to all participants. 

Singapore 55th National Day on 9 August 

TriNation Medal sg front-01-01.png
TriNation Medal sg back-01.png


  • One Singapore LION medal

  • One Indonesia GARUDA medal

  • One Malaysia TIGER medal

  • One Compressport sport towel (worth S$12.90)

  • E-Certificate  


  1. Participants should receive medals and sport towels on first week of August if they have submitted all run data before 15 July before 2359 hours.

  2. The onus is on each participant to provide correct mailing address and the organizer cannot be held liable for non-delivery of the race items due to the oversight.  A reminder to check your mailing address before submitting your entry.

  3. Postage fee of S$10 will be levied on participants residing in Asia including and S$15 outside Asia including Australia and New Zealand.  The registration fee includes complimentary postage to those who live in Singapore & Malaysia only.

  4. There will be no refund after registration has been confirmed.

  5. The registration rate excludes 6% of payment gateway and processing fee.


This is a Virtual Race which means you can choose any venue to start your run. You need to have a GPS-tracking running app and if you don’t have one, please download your preferred app. 

You need to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Go to our website and register

  2. Choose your preferred GPS-tracking running app to track your run

  3. Track your route and ensure you have completed the run

  4. Submit it on your given profile

  5. Verification will be handed at our backend


Q: What should I do after I have registered for the virtual run?

A: Whenever you are ready, you can choose your preferred day, time and venue to start your run.  You also need to set up your run app as the information capturing your run distance and timing will have to be uploaded for verification.  Once you have successfully signed up, a confirmation slip along with the given link to submit your run data will be emailed to you.  

Q: Is there a timeline for submission of my run data?

A: If you submit your run data not later than 15 July before 2359 hours, you will receive your run medals and sport towel on the first week of August 2020.  Plan your run schedule according to the given timeline. 

Q: Which run app must I use?

A: It can be STRAVA or Garmin or any GPS tracking app which can accurately capture your run distance and completion time, it will be accepted.       

Q: What is the run distance must I cover?

A:This year run distance is based on the number of years of independence of the three nations.  You need to run 5.5 km for Singapore’s 55th National Day, 6.3 km for Malaysia’s 63rd Merdeka Day and 7.5 km  for Indonesia’s 75thIndependence Day.  When that is done, submit all the run data in one go or one run at a time.  You can also choose to do few runs to complete the total distance of each too.  You don’t have to rush to complete in one go.  Run at your own pace and time.  Stay safe and mask up when done.


Q: Is there a cut-off time?

A: This is not a race.  You can run or walk as long as you have covered the given race distance.


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