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For Nation, With Nation!

57 is young for a nation which is still very much a work-in-progress.  Rejoicing one of our national songs which goes like this, “There was a time when people said that Singapore won’t make it but we did…” and proudly indeed, we have since emerged from a Third World nation to First World.  Nation building is a never-ending mission so that our beloved country will continue to progress and prosper for future generations to come.  


This is a hybrid physical walk event where participants get to use the newly launched IRC mobile application to embark on their own training program which will then lead to the physical walk on 30 July, Saturday in Sentosa.  Though this is not a competitive event but the primary goal is to encourage our participants to train up and be ready for the main event.  For the accomplishment, participants get to earn a limited edition SG57 Nation Walk medallion upon completion.  


All said, SG57 Nation Walk aims to get true-blue Singaporeans regardless of age or gender to come together as “One people, One Nation” and dedicate this meaningful walk to Singapore on her 57th birthday.  Other nationals residing in Singapore are also welcome to join in too.



On 14 May 2022, we organised our first 10km physical onsite race for our Run For Light 2022.  We are so happy to witness many runners who are familiar faces and raring for action.  When they finally crossed the line, the look of great satisfaction displayed on their faces after missing out for some 2-year affirmed to us that they yearn for more.  Thus, this special 10KM run edition is created just for all our runners to instil excitement of sorts commemorating our nation’s 57th birthday before the walk event.  Let's step up and get ready for the next race.   

The 10KM race is a competitive category where top 5 men and women will walk away with prizes & trophies.  Competition aside, some can always choose to run at their own pace just to soak up to the atmosphere.  Runners will cover 2 x 5KM loop that stretches from Palawan Beach to Siloso Beach in iconic Sentosa with the morning sea breeze keeping the heat at bay.   


The run will commence in a cool morning setting at 7:00 am and flag-off is based on every 100 per wave in accordance to current SMM requirements.


RFL2022 Flag off 1.jpg
White and Pink Balloon


Physical Event
Event Date: 30 Jul 2022
Event Time: 0700 to 1100hr
Venue: Singapore, Sentosa
Closing Date: 25 Jul 2022
Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +8)
Category: 5km Nation Walk
Price: $32
Special Category
: 10km Race
Price: $43

* Note: Sign up after 17 July 2022 for the physical 5KM walk and 10KM run in Sentosa, participants are required to collect their race tees and race bibs at the event race village on 30 July 2022.

Virtual Event
Qualifying Date: 15 Jul - 15 Aug 2022
Event Time: Anytime
: Anywhere
Closing Date: 25 Jul 2022
Closing Time: 2359hr (GMT +8)
Category: 5km Nation Walk
Price: $6


Virtual Event - Entitlement

  • SG57 Limited Edition Medallion

  • E-Certificate


Add-On Purchase

  • SG57 Red Celebratory Tee (Add On Purchase @ $12) - Best Seller

  • Medallion Holder - for 2 Medallions  (Add On @ $15)

  • SG57 3-layer re-usable mask (Add On Purchase @ $10)

  • SG57 Special Edition White Celebratory Tee ( Add On Purchase @ $15)


Physical Event - Entitlement

  • SG57 Limited Edition Medallion

  • E-Certificate

  • SG57 Red Celebratory Tee

  • Medallion Holder - for 2 Medallions

  • One bottle of Sportade Isotonic Drink (upon onsite completion of event)

  • Onsite participation @ Sentosa

  • Lead up activities (training) - For 5km Nation Walk participants only

Add-On Purchase

  • SG57 3-layer re-usable mask (Add On Purchase @ $10)

  • SG57 Special Edition White Celebratory Tee (Add On Purchase @ $15)

SG57 pic3-01-01.jpg
SG57 Medal without flag front final-01.png

Medallion (Front)

SG57 Medal without flag back final-01-01.png

Medallion (Back)

SG57 Tee no flag front-01.png
SG57 Red Tee Back - final.png

SG57 Red

Celebratory Tee

SG57 Tee no flag front white-01.png
SG57 White Tee Back - final.png

Special Edition

White Tee
(Add-On Purchase)

SG57 Mask Right-01.png

Mask - Right

SG57 White Mask no flag v2-01.png

Mask - Left

SG57 medallion holder no flag v1-01.png

Medallion Holder

- For 2 Medallions (not inclusive of the medallions)

829 [Converted]-01.jpg

lead up activation - training

Participants who have signed up for the physical 5KM walk event in Sentosa, Singapore will be invited to join our training as part of lead up activation. This is one of our initiatives to encourage our participants and supporters to embark on a healthy lifestyle with more workouts and for starters, to leverage on this event to roll off their exercise routines.


There will be two training sessions and they are planned with the gradual step up towards completing the 5km walk during the physical event. 

  • Session 1: 4 to 14 Jul 2022 (2km walk)

  • Session 2: 15 to 25 Jul 2022 (4km walk)


Participants who have signed up before 28 Jun 2022 will be invited for both the training sessions and those who have signed up from 28 Jun to 15 Jul 2022, will be invited for the session 2 only. To participate in these training sessions, participants will need to download our mobile application "IRC Run" from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The login credentials will then be sent to the applicants’ registered email addresses and upon successfully login to the mobile applications, participants can start the training session during the stipulated period.  Simply navigate to "Start Event" and "Start" the training when you are ready.  The recording of the distance and timing will automatically stop once the stipulated distance has been achieved.  Results are real-time.   

To encourage sign up, participants who have completed at least one of the scheduled training sessions will get the chance to win lucky draw prizes on event day.

SG56 pic4.jpg


WhatsApp Image 2022-06-16 at 4.52.15 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-16 at 4.52.15 PM (1).jpeg
Foot Tracks on Sand

Event route & Programme

0700 hrs: Arrival of 10KM run participants

0730 hrs: Flag-off (10KM) in batch of 100 per wave at 1 min interval

0830 hrs: Arrival of 5KM walk participants

0900 hrs: Flag-off (5KM) in batch of 100 per wave at 1 min interval 

1100 hrs: Last 5KM walkers expected to cross finish line

1130 hrs: Event ends

SG57 Race Route.jpg

Start & Finish Point of 5km Event Route
For 10km Special Race, runners will go for 2 loops.

White Sand and Stone


  1. For Virtual Walk:

    • Participant needs to choose a route in Singapore using their preferred GPS app.

    • When walk is done, simply save the data.

    • Submit the walk data by 17 Aug 2022.

  2. For Physical Walk:

    • ​The venue is in Sentosa Palawan Beach.

    • It will be a leisure 5km walk or the competitive 10km special run category and do explore our beautiful Sentosa island after the event.

    • Flag-off is based on every 100 at 1-min interval based on current SMM regulations.     

  3. The "Lead Up Activation" training sessions are for the SG57 Nation Walk 5km Physical category only.

  4. For registration by 30 Jun 2022, your entitlement will be delivered by 7 Aug 2022. For registration from 1 Jul 2022, the delivery will be delivered not later than 31 Aug 2022.

  5. Runners must be fully vaccinated if they are doing the on-site race and proof of vaccination status must be presented to duty personnel on race day. They will be flagged off in waves and safe management measures (SMM) are to be strictly adhered.

  6. To minimise physical congregation in current situation, race entitlements will be mailed to registered addresses provided at time of sign up at a fee of $3.  Door-to-door delivery is confined within Singapore only.  

  7. There will be no refund after registration has been confirmed.

  8. The registration rate excludes 6% of payment gateway and processing fee.


​* To reduce wastage and support sustainability initiatives, please note that the entitlements are only sent for production after the end of the event (at the end of that particular month). An email will be sent out to your registered email when the entitlements are ready for collection.

Calm Sea


1. How many categories are there in this SG57 Nation Walk event?

A: There are three categories; the 5KM physical Nation Walk, the 10KM special onsite run, and the 5KM virtual walk.  It is not time-based for both the physical and virtual walk category.  The whole intent is to enjoy the walk with family and friends.  You need to record your walk on your GPS device and submit the result to the link provided for our verification.  If you are walking with your family, submit one result will do. For the competitive 10KM special onsite run category, it will be time-based by our official timekeeper.      

2. For the Virtual Walk category, is it mandatory to do walk outside?

A: We fully understand some are still not comfortable doing outdoor activities though loosening of restrictions has been announced and therefore, some can choose to do the walk indoor which is perfectly fine.  Just take a screenshot of your result on the treadmill and submit to the link provided as proof of competion.    


3. For the Virtual Walk category, how many times do I need to walk?  

A: Yes, you need to do just one walk and the duration to complete the 5KM walk is from 15 Jul to 15 Aug 2022.  You can choose any venue in Singapore for the virtual walk.     


4, For the physical onsite categories, it will be a one-day event?

A: Yes, it will be on 30 Jul 2022 from 7am to 11am. The special edition run category will start at 7am in the morning and follow by our main event, 5KM Nation Walk, from 8.30am. Both will be hosted at our iconic Sentosa Palawan beach.

5. Do I need to take part in the "Lead Up Activation" training sessions?

A: No, this is not mandatory but is an add on activities to prepare you for this walk on 30 Jul 2022. Participants who completed the walk will get the chance to win lucky draw prizes on event day.

6. How do I receive my race entitlement?

A: In view of the current COVID situation, only courier service will be available.


7. What is in the race entitlement?

A: For the Virtual Event, a SG57 Nation Walk medallion and e-Certificate are part of the race entitlement.  The red celebratory event tee is an add-on at S$12, the SG57 limited edition mask add-on at S$10, the Medallion holder add-on at $15 and special edition white celebratory tee add-on at $15, if you wish to have one. For the Physical Event, a SG57 Nation Walk medallion, e-Certificate, SG57 red celebratory event tee and Medallion holder are part of the race entitlement. 




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